Dbfz nappa

Tournament Results. Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. Dragon Ball FighterZ.

dbfz nappa

Super Smash Bros. Granblue Fantasy: Versus. Mortal Kombat Tekken 7. Samurai Shodown. News and features. Capcom fighters. Capcom vs. Captain Ginyu 9. Vegeta 8. Yamcha 8.

Android 16 8. Tien 7. Goku 5. Broly 5. Frieza 4. Krillin 4. Cell 4. Hit 3. Android 21 3. Piccolo 2.Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Move List. Frame Data. Combo List. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. A leading foot stomp. Hits low. Use it with 5L and 2M to string together multiple low hitting moves. A charging overhand punch.

This move has an extremely long range. Use it to punish over-zealous foes. A two-part move. Steps forward with a backhand swipe and then fires a ki blast forward. This ki blast does more damage than most basic ki blasts, and is stronger as well.


While it will not beat strong projectiles, it will go through all other basic ki blasts. The backhand swipe can be cancelled into a special move. A low sweepkick. Combines good range with the effect of a low hitting move. Use with 5M and 5L to string together multiple low hitting attacks.Not the best in neutral, but an important part of his corner combos and also can hit after air Vanish.

Can be cancelled into specials after he lands on the ground. Be warned that whiffing the move causes Nappa to slam the ground and have to bounce back and land, during which he is free to be punished unless you have meter to Vanish-cancel. The explosion itself has fairly weak range, however the S button can be held down to extend the range the move strikes at, going slightly under fullscreen if held.

dbfz nappa

This applies to both the ground and air versions of the move. Unfortunately, this move is one of the few S specials that doesn't clash with other S type moves; it will simply eat 1 hit, leaving the beam with 4 remaining hits.

Single hit S moves will simply pierce it. This means your opponent will have an easier time wiping out Saibamen planted in neutral if they have a beam! Useful after a blocked 6M or 5H. Normally, Nappa has a 7 frame 5L so he wouldn't be able to contest vs characters with 6 frame 5Ls after their 6Ms.

Can follow up after the second hit easily with either a super dash or by jumping forward with air buttons to get a full combo.

However, the second hit uses up your smash and prorates the follow-up combo heavily, and outside of the corner Nappa cannot get a sliding knockdown without an assist. From Dustloop Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. You're way outta your league! After killing Yamcha and Tien, he was confronted by Goku, who defeated him with little effort.

dbfz nappa

One of Goku's attacks rendered him paralyzed, and Vegeta killed him in cold blood purely due to Nappa's inability to act anymore. Decent range jab, one of the slower 5L in the game. Can be repeated by holding 4. Hits low. Unsafe, but absolutely insane range. Moves him forward more than half screen fairly fast.

dbfz nappa

Can be pretty good to throw out with assists. Nappa takes a step forward before he throws a piercing Ki blast, during this time it'll reflect all ki blasts that are S normals A bit slow but an important part of his corner combos. Will pierce through any other projectile S normal, but still lose to S type projectiles.

Wind up has a hit box and if done close can be a double hitting move. Good range but fairly slow. Anti-air with great vertical range and a mediocre horizontal hitbox. Standard grounded overhead. Can do certain strings to space it so that it hits meaty enough to combo after. Pretty great air-to-air, but it can easily whiff during air combos, especially versus smaller characters. Make sure to delay your initial jump cancel from 5M when confirming into air combos to minimize drops. Not a bad normal, but mostly overshadowed by it's heavier cousin outside of combos.

Good range for IAD crossups like a lot of j.Tournament Results. Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ. Super Smash Bros. Granblue Fantasy: Versus. Mortal Kombat Tekken 7. Samurai Shodown. News and features. Capcom fighters. Capcom vs. Special Attack Saibaman H consumes Ki. All Details. Air Blazing Storm. Blazing Storm. Arm Break H consumes Ki. Super Special Attack Break Cannon 3 bars. Giant Storm. Normal Moves Crouching Heavy Attack.

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Crouching Light Attack. Crouching Medium Attack. Dragon Rush unblockable.

Dragon Ball FighterZ - Nappa Goes Berserk At Frieza

Heavy Attack. Jumping Heavy Attack. Jumping Light Attack.Oh wait, don't tell me. I think I know what you need.


A nice trip to the afterlife. One way, of course. After his race's demise, he, along with Vegeta and Raditzworked as soldiers directly under Friezawhich led him to Earth. Nappa is the secondary antagonist of the Vegeta Saga. Nappa is a tall and muscular man. Though his Saiyan genes give him the appearance of someone in their mids, Nappa is approximately 50 years old when he is first shown in the series. At this time, he looks identical all the way to the time of his death; though his structure in his younger years shows him to be a bit slimmer.

His thin mustache tends to change with each part in his life; as at middle age of 30's his mustache smaller in comparison than it is now; by the range of the Saiyan Saga, Nappa's mustache is slightly larger, longer, splits into two sections noting he tends to shaves his facial hair on occasion and then it grows back fully during the year one radius to Earth.

His mustache has grown slightly thicker and noticeably longer. It is also split into two sections again, but noticeably has peach fuzz in the middle noting he shaved it sometime while he was dead and it is growing back. Like most Saiyans, Nappa wears a scouter. Nappa has quite a destructive personality and loves demolition to an extreme level. When arriving on Earth, the first thing he asks Vegeta is if he can destroy a town. When taking time off to wait for Goku, Vegeta allows him to destroy as many things and places as he wants in the anime onlyas long as he does not waste enough energy to break a sweat.

Nappa proceeds to demolish an entire Navy fleet division as well as an aerial raid, smashing through many jets and helicopters before leveling a slew of ships. Despite this, however, he usually congratulates his victims when they utilize attacks that come close to killing him, as evidenced when he congratulates Tien Shinhan on his use on a Spirit Tri-Beam that shattered his Battle Armorciting that, had his aim been better, it would have severely injured him.

Nappa also has a very cocky personality, as he enjoys toying with his opponents. Nappa is somewhat sadistic, and his sadism is strongest by far towards Goku, and he repeatedly voices the intention to kill Goku's friends and son before his eyes as revenge for his treason towards his own race by siding with Earthlings instead of the Saiyans.

He tends to fight first and makes use of his brawn more so than his brain. However, his great ego would immediately vanish the second someone causes him a bruise or scar, and would decide to kill them slowly and painfully as a result. He is, in this instance, vain to the extent that he feels his appearance should remain unscathed though in the Japanese dub, his rage against Krillin is fueled by the blow to his pride over being wounded by a much weaker opponent.

However, he would still eliminate anyone as quickly as possible when losing patience with them. Oftentimes, he allows his anger to get the best of him, becoming extremely enraged and infuriated and unable to think properly, which results in Vegeta constantly reminding or, in some cases, ordering him to calm down.

Whenever Vegeta tells off Nappa for acting asinine, or not listening, Nappa apologizes to Vegeta, usually in a slightly fearful state, and then proceeds to claim he was not thinking straight, showing his respect for Vegeta. In the Japanese dub, Nappa normally addresses Vegeta in a casual manner. In Bardock - The Father of Gokuthis is alluded to be Vegeta's preference when he orders Nappa to "quit bootlicking". However, whenever chastised by Vegeta, he always addresses him with very polite language, as one would normally address a superior.

It is only when Vegeta decides to kill him that Nappa abandons all respect for him, even calling Vegeta a "dirty rat" though only in the Ocean dub and challenging him in Dragon Ball GT. Despite many years of loyalty, Nappa also seems to never like working with his those superior to him such as Vegeta possibly due to the fact that Nappa doesn't like being in servitude as that is a common trait among Saiyans working under Frieza and is capable of going as far as killing a superior he dislikes if given the opportunity.

Both combat each other and Nappa defeats Vegeta, afterward killing Vegeta with his Volcano Explosion attack similarly like how Vegeta killed Nappa with his Galaxy Breaker in the original.

Nappa also calls Frieza a jerk in Dragon Ball FightersZ after being scolded by him showing that despite his loyalty, he still thinks low of his superiors though still maintains some form of respect toward them.

An anime-only flashback in the Frieza Sagashows a more sympathetic side to Nappa. He appears to be shocked when Vegeta claims not to care about the death of his father and the rest of the Saiyan race, and his overall dialogue seems to imply that he does not kill when there is nothing in it for him, once even nearly attacking Frieza, Zarbon and Dodoria when they mocked them in how long it took to take out Planet Shikk instead of rewarding them for their task, with only Vegeta stopping him.

Also, when Nappa and Vegeta learn about the Dragon Balls and their wish-granting capability, Nappa's first suggestion is to bring Raditz back to life, demonstrating that despite his ruthlessness, he cares for his friends and comrades.

Within a filler episode, Nappa is interested in being titled "A hero" by the remaining Arlians and doesn't feel it bad to do a good deed possibly even considering to spare Arlians their planethowever Vegeta opposes which revealingly disappoints the Saiyan. It has been shown several times for when scolded by Vegeta he shows signs of fear and even in Dragon Ball GTNappa for a short time becomes nervous and trembles to hear the sound of Vegeta's voice again.Nappa's modus operandi is to get the opponent into the corner so that he can abuse his great pressure game.

To achieve this, Nappa relies heavily on his Ki Blast and Assists, as his neutral kit is relatively weak. In neutral, Nappa's main tool to create openings is with his Ki Blast, preferably an aerial one.

If it hits, the opponent will be stunned and he can then go in and begin pressing the opponent's guard when they recover. This is in an effort to further push them into the corner.

Nappa's best tools following a Ki Blast hit are 5H with an Assist to cover it if blocked, and M, which is an overhead that travels a far distance and causes SKD. He can also instead opt for a regular block string if he does not need the distance that is provided from the aforementioned attacks.

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During pressure, Nappa should make good use of his nice mix-up game. Nappa has access to 3 lows and his command overhead that's capable of sending enemies into an SKD. This ensures that the opponent gets pushed even farther towards the corner.

When Nappa has the opponent against the wall, he is now in control of the fight and can lay on his pressure through the use of Saibamen. If done correctly, Nappa can completely cover forms of corner escapes that otherwise would require either an assist or a read. For example, assume Nappa lands a combo and hits the opponent with a 2H in the air.

When the dive lands, he can then plant a L-Saibamen and call an Assist. Following the plant, Nappa can jump up and time his j. If timed properly, if the opponent attempts to use a Jump recovery off the ground in an effort to IAD out of the corner, they will immediately be struck by the L-Saibamen's jump. This frees up Nappa to cover other options of escape with his own toolkit and Assists.

On defense, Nappa's tools are somewhat lacking, though not the worst. He has two notable ways to fend off the heat:. His primary tool for escaping pressure is S, which grants him super armor to all hits outside of supers, grabs and projectiles. But it is slow, punishable on block, and lacks range. Saibamen can also be useful defense tools if placed prior to Nappa getting hit, especially if the Saibamen grows behind the opponent when they're in the middle of pressuring you.

Saibamen only disappear if they themselves get it; not if Nappa is hit. So they can force opponents to drop their offense and give up their turn to Nappa. So whenever Nappa is not in the offensive, finding opportunities to plant Saibamen in neutral can be handy. Remember than Saibamen can also be given a delayed growth by holding the input during the animation, meaning they will stay in the ground longer. This is most useful during these situations in which Nappa does not fully have control of the fight yet.

Pressure that opening to further push the enemy into the corner. When the opponent is in the corner, use your Assists to begin setting up Saibamen to cover recoveries and further strengthen your corner pressure.Sports news, betting strategies. Install the free tips app on your phone. Just RETWEET if you do. Secondly members, please tweet us any improvements we can make as always trying to keep you all happy.

Nappa Dragon Ball FighterZ moves

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More than 2 for this - nice bonus. The event moves away from its established venue at Royal Johannesburg to Randpark this year. This will be the first time this course has staged a European tour event since the South African Open in 2000 won by Matthias Gronberg. With a large field competing two courses, The Firethorn and The Bushwillow, will be used over the first two days before reverting to the Firethorn course over the weekend. The Firethorn course at 7,600 yards is almost 500 yards longer than Bushwillow so is likely to play a bit tougher.

Local boy Porteous has good memories here having won an amateur event here by 14 strokes only a few years ago. Since then he has gone on to establish himself as a very promising tour player having won the 2016 staging of this event at Royal Johannesburg. His recent form has been dogged by inconsistency with too many rounds spoiled by the odd big number at one or two holes but he did show up well in the Nedbank and DP World event recently so we have some grounds for optimism this week back in familiar surroundings.

Another local boy Walters represents Johannesburg CC just down the road from Randpark so he knows these courses well. Recent form was poor until it picked up last week in Mauritius where he finished tied fourteenth despite a poor closing round.

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